The Food cloud is an online restaurant website service, connecting restaurants with hungry people.

You are able to upload your menu, allow orders, take credit cards, create coupons, customer incentives and streamline your restaurant processes.

How do I automatically print the orders?

You can easily have your orders print automatically with any windows-based printer, just download this simple windows app, open and enter your login credentials – and it will auto-print your orders!

Automatically print your ordersYou can also download the file here

No, we do not charge a percentage. You keep everything your website earns, we charge one flat fee per month.

Simply order the service using this link: https://my.bostonwebgroup.com/index.php/store/the-food-cloud

After that, your account will be automatically created with us and you can login here: https://loginto.thefoodcloud.com/

Once logged in, you will see the dashboard of your activity. You will be able to see your orders and update the menu items, along with collect customer information and other analytics. 

The Reservations Tab allows you to manage your reservation inquiries. This is a great way to create connections with your customers.

The reports tab allows you to view the traffic and activity of your food cloud page. Here you can see information and analysis as to how your restaurant is performing. This Page can help you prepare your inventory for the future!

The Customers Tab allows you to see registered customers to your restaurant. You can collect and use their information to further market your business.

The Emarketing feature is an email blast.  When you navigate to the Emarketing tab, it will allow you to send a mass mailer to your customers. You can send to specific types of customers, by spend, by party size, and other parameters, allowing you to directly contact the specific customers in the database that you have created.

To create a Survey to inquire feedback, you would click the survey tab and select ‘add new survey’ the survey will then be shared with your customers.

The Menu tab allows you to add and describe your menu for the front page of your website. You can freely add and remove items with ease.

The Setup tab allows you to set the parameters of your web page. Here you can add business description, transaction information, taxing options and reservation fields.