How does The Food Cloud Work

Let's take a look at how this software can help your hospitality business operate more efficiently

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Your customers can easily Make Table Reservations on your website, your mobile app, and also join your email list. You can install the reservation widget anywhere on any website, and we are compatible with WordPress and Joomla.

The Food Cloud makes Reservations easy.

When New Reservations come in to your dashboard, there are custom Alerts and Multiple Notifications options.

When any new activity, orders, or New Reservations arrive there are 5 ways to receive instant alerts. You can set up these alerts in a unique way depending on how your business operates and how you would like to disperse the information.

Pop Up Notice SMS Message FAX Message Direct to Printer Audio Alerts

Making your Menu accessible online is a first step that many restaurants need to take.

Your restaurant keeps you busy, and you put your attention where it matters;

  1. Food quality
  2. customer experience
  3. and staff issues

You probably don’t have time to deal with your website, mobile Apps, reservation software, or online ordering.

That’s what makes The Food Cloud Software so ideal for your fast-paced hospitality business.

Get a complete overview of every single action ever taken by your customers in the DashBoard.

The Food Cloud makes it simple to process Online Orders.

Your restaurant attracts a new customer, who finds your website via a Mobile Phone search, looks at your Online Menu on a smart phone and makes a reservation for 3 people.

The customer is signing up for your email list at the moment that they place the reservation, or order. The customer is greeted at your facility, and enjoys the experience.

You can use The Food Cloud to send out a Mass Mail Campaign, designed to target all customers who made a Reservation for 3 or more people, and spent $75 or more, and offer 10% off coupon that expires in 10 days.

You can now begin to see the powerful Marketing capability of The Food Cloud software.

Your new customer receives this email and redeems the offer via a mobile phone, and proceeds to make an Online Order. Your customer picks up, or has delivery, and enjoys the food again.

Now your customer will download your Custom Branded App, and has a direct connection to your facility. Studies show that Mobile Apps increase your sales, as your customers continue to easily place orders and make reservations on a regular basis.

The Food Cloud gives you a complete overview using Advanced Analytics drawn directly from your restaurant activity.

You can break down orders by location, times, and product. This allows you to make smart decisions on staff and stock.

  • Revenue Analysis
  • Weekday Analysis
  • Peak Time Analysis
  • Reservations Analysis
  • Daily Reservation List
  • App Launch Report
  • Site Visitors Log
  • Best Sellers
  • Customer Ratings
Learn about your Restaurant’s trends when you analyze your Revenue Analysis.  Your staff will learn about what items to order during the busy season, what items are not needed during the slow season, and what items have out sold the others.

Make educated choices on your Menu by analyzing your Best Sellers and your Customer Ratings, and gain valuable insight about the direction of your business.

The Food Cloud helps you Identify Opportunities.

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