Collect Customer Data

Collect Customer Data

Do you have a record of what every customer has ever purchased? How can you contact a customer that’s eaten at your restaurant? What about mass communication to your entire customer base? That is exactly what is all possible now with TheFoodCloud Restaurant App.

When you use this App, Every customer gives you an email! Each purchase is logged into a system that gives you advanced overview of profits, right down to a specific customer’s buying habit. You’ll have all of your customer’s emails which you can now communicate with freely.

With this Mobile App, you’re putting your entire Restaurant in the customer’s hand. Giving them a direct line of access to Order delivery, take out, or dine in – including full reservation capabilities.

Fill more tables with our integrated online table reservation feature. Are you spending too much using third party services to book reservations? Take unlimited reservations on your own website!

Give your customers the freedom to book advanced reservations at your restaurant using their smart phones. Your Custom App is included and links into TheFoodCloud Restaurant App.

All of your bookings are available in the backend, you can set up custom alerts via email, text, or fax to notify staff of the reservations.

You can pipe the alert message into your existing sound system at your restaurant. Perhaps every time there is a reservation, the system plays a soft bird chirp.

When the “chirp” occurs, your hostess gets a fax, your floor manager gets an alert, and your customer gets a table.

When you pay individually for Online Restaurant Reservations it can become expensive quickly.

Today’s customers are smart, they can navigate to a website and make reservations with your website using The Food Cloud. The best part is, you can allow them to make unlimited reservations – without the added cost per seat!

When your customer has been seated and served, they will likely return, and a returning customer is likely to download and use your custom App to make future reservations.

Impress your customers with ease of use, smart technology, and save your company tens of thousands of dollars in development by using The Food Cloud to take online reservations for your restaurant.

The Food Cloud software supports Multiple Locations. Your customer can book a table with your Boston location, or with your San Francisco location – it’s all part of The Food Cloud.

You can also run detailed statistics on your customers activity, amount of purchase, frequency of visit, and more. The Food Cloud software also allows you to give rewards to customers who spend a specific amount, or return a specific amount of times.

With our software, you’ll have everything you need to accept reservations and run your restaurant – except the food!

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