Restaurant Mobile App

Restaurant Mobile App

Mobile use has steadily grown over the past decade, today, it’s imperative to provide the customer with Mobile Access to your products and services. The same is true for your restaurant business, and The Food Cloud has fast, easy to use solutions.

The Food Cloud App will allow your customers to:

Make Orders !

Make Table Reservations !

Access App Coupons

See Photo Gallery

Read Blog

Locate your Restaurant

Use a Tip Calculator

Of course you’ll have the basics: offer your entire menu to your customers using your Custom Branded App, with your logo, colors, and more.

You can also offer In-App Ordering with the option of paying through your App – or paying when the customer arrives.

Just a few of these items alone (without a robust backend to handle the data) can cost thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of development.

With The Food Cloud, you get it all in one package.

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