Restaurant Website

Restaurant Website

Your average website will retail from $2500 through $5000, and more, depending on where you go, and what they are capable of. TheFoodCloud product offers a Website and Mobile App for less than 50% of only the Website. You’ll be able to use the savings to improve other areas of your business.

Do you want more customization beyond the basic package? Our Boston Web Design partners at Boston Web Group can design your Restaurant Website anyway you want. However the basic templates are free. It’s very easy to get a quote to re-design your website, or you can simply stick with the provided templates.

If you know how to read an email, you know how to use The Food Cloud control panel. It’s very simple, cloud based, and always online. With our software, your restaurant items are always online and always available.

You can set certain food items to be available on the App and website, depending on your preference. You can also enable certain foods to be available for specific quantities, to avoid shortages or over ordering. With our control panel, you can watch and monitor all your orders by price, frequency, or item. For instance, get a glimpse of the amount of food you are using during certain holidays, and overstock for that period.

Your Dashboard gives you a complete overview of all your activity, reservations, orders, and customers.

You can sort by all reservations, all orders, dine-in, and take out. When a new order or reservation arrives, a notice is sent.

You can set up notices a number of ways, via email, text, fax, your printer, and audio alerts in your restaurant.

Every Detail of every order your customers make is logged in your backend dashboard. You can set very specific limiters on your ordering procedure, such as quantity, availability windows, and applicable discounts based on purchase amount or other factors.

Everytime a customer orders a meal or creates a reservation, you give them the option to become part of your mailing list. You can send mass email marketing messages right from The Food Cloud control panel. Create custom messages, and send them to customers based on the amount the spend, size of their reservations, and more. For instance you can send out a message to anyone who booked a party of 10 or more that will advertise any incentive you want for parties of 10 or more that book within the month.

You can fine tune the ability of you App, so that your mobile users can view your restaurant. At the very least you can show your users a simple listing of your entire menu, you can then enable online ordering for pickup, you can further extend the App’s ability by turning on in-App ordering. You can also fine tune item availability based on quantity or time of day.

When you receive a new reservation on your front end website or mobile App, that information is instantly sent into The Food Cloud Dashboard where you can acknowledge the customer’s requests.

The backend also allows you to dictate items that are publicly available; such as your photos, blog, email list, and job applications. Within you dashboard, you can enable multiple locations, times, and coincide these times with the availability of your Restaurant’s online services via The Food Cloud.

The Food Cloud does it all, for one low price

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